We present high quality CAD design services, 3D design services, CAD drafting services, 3D CAD modeling services, CAD file type conversion services, 2D to 3D CAD conversion services and paper to CAD conversions.

We have a highly educated professional team of engineers with extensive technical work experience, knowledge of international design standards. We always apply our experience and technical skills and use the latest computer technology and the latest engineering design software.

Your sourse data
2D graphics
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We can work with any non-standard projects and will gladly bring your bold and unusual ideas to life. Using our services, you will save time, money and get a high quality work in a short time. We are fast, experienced and competitively priced. Working with us is easy and not expensive.

3D CAD services: 3D modeling, design and 3D animation

A full range of services for creating polygonal and solid 3D models for all areas. Development of engineering and architectural 3D models of any complexity according to the sketch, drawing, photograph, drawing, layout. We create 3D models of any complexity for CNC machine tools, 3D printers and visualization. We also carry out the creation of 3D animation (presentation of the model, animation of the mechanism, animation of the assembly or disassembly).

• 3D modeling and manufacturing of 3D models.
• 3D modeling of the object by photo or image.
• 3D modeling of the product according to the drawing.
• Creating a 3D model for subsequent 3D printing.
• Create 3D animations, interactive presentations.

See also: Editing and optimization of 3D models

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You can send us text (TXT, DOC), photos or scans (JPG, TIFF), PDF files, 2D drawings (DWG), etc. and we will convert them to 3D. You get 3D models in the format you need (3DS - 3D Studio, 3DM - Rhino, DWG - AutoCAD, SKP - SketchUp, STP - Step, STL - Stereolithography, C4D - Cinema 4D) and other file formats.

How to start

1. You send us your sourse data.

2. Assessment of tasks and coordination of work. After receiving the source data, we coordinate with you the special requirements, the time of work and cost.

3. Getting started. We develop and send you demonstration materials (JPG) of the work at the 50% stage of readiness. We agree with you all the necessary adjustments and corrections. We will listen to all your wishes, as well as offer recommendations to make the result more qualitative.

4. Payment 50%. You make a down payment of 50%.

5. 100% of the job. We do the rest of the work and coordinate it with you. We send to you demo materials (JPG) on a 100% project readiness stage.

6. Payment 100%. You pay the rest of the work. After receiving 100% of the payment, we send to you all the 2D CAD or 3D CAD working materials.
If in the future you need to make any other minor changes, we will do it for free.

Work areas

Our team has extensive technical experience in 2D and 3D graphics. We could be useful in the following areas of engineering design:

• Research engineering, conceptual design.
• Architecture and restoration.
• Constructions, metal structures.
• HVAC, piping and other engineering systems, equipment.
• Design and redevelopment of apartments, interior design, furniture.
• 3D models for 3D printing.
• Aerospace, aviation and automotive industry.
• Shipbuilding, subsea equipment.
• Oil and gas, renewable energy industry.
• Robotics and drone design.
• Gaming industry.
• Medical instruments and equipment.
• Jewelry.
• And other.

Our advantages

Competent planning
and strict observance
of deadlines for the

Guaranteed results
and responsibility. We
are doing the work until
the last revision.

High quality work.
Considerable experience
and qualifications of our

Compliance with price
forecasts. We work
without intermediaries
and extra charges.

100% confidentiality
of your work. We
guarantee anonymity.

Simple payment
methods. You can pay
Visa or MasterCard.

Price from 20$

The cost is determined after analyzing the quality of the provided source data, the level of complexity of the upcoming work, their volume, timing and special requirements. Estimated cost of 1 hour of work is 20-30 $. If in the future you need to make any other minor changes, we will do it for free.

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